Abby and Scott ...Married... March 23, 2002

March 23 is Scott and Abby's 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary!

This Page and all outdated info will be Updated Soon!

Updated: 7/7/00 - I have posted everything you want to know about me: Personal Life Story!

Ok, I have long delayed in updating this page and letting the world, or the few lucky, or unlucky, know who I am. To start with my name is Scott Roberts given to me by my parents at birth. Place of birth believe it or not would be El Paso Texas a January back in 1977. I have lived in NY most of my life and its all I know and call it home. Grew up what being raised by my mother from the time I was four. And do to unforeseen circumstances still  living at home. Currently fresh out of school now waiting for my dream job, perhaps in some type of computer field, being computers are what I know best. Now at the growing older every day age of 23, I find myself still single, and wondering what will be the next step, and direction of my life. This may seem lame, or a sad place to end this for now. But need to think how deep I want to go into my life for the world to see. Done lots of good, and stupid things, enough to fill this longer then any sane person would ever care to read.

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